001. How to Be A Creative

Everyone has their own ideas about what it takes to be a creative. Maybe you have to go to art school, maybe you have to be an artist from birth or come from some kind of artsy fartsy family to be taken seriously. Because somehow if it’s “in your blood” people seem to believe your a true creative. I want you to scratch all of that and simply know that being a creative has NOTHING TO DO WITH the actual act of creating but more importantly an interest, care and a project you want to put into the world. Let’s dive into todays episode shall we? We shall. 🙂 

Side note: First episode ever annnnnd I had a bit of a stuffy nose but don’t worry it didn’t stop the show, I may sound a little funny so bare with me. It’s cool to laugh a little, you have my full permission to pick on me. Ok now go enjoy yourself. 

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